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Shemale Sissfication Transformation

Shemale From Russia

Tranisa presents another forced feminisation, multi camera classic - From Russia. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? It's a GIRL NOW!!! The new office assistant arrives for the first day at work but the office girls are very confused as to what sex he or she actually is. He really is a boy but his looks are so feminine and his manner is so girly. The androgynous looks and even the voice are confusing but the girls decide she is a girl until HE shows them he isn't. By this time it's too late as they already have a girls office uniform for him to meet an important client. Soon the girly shamble is soon dressed in stockings and a suitable office outfit. Starring Masie Dee, Satine Spark, Rowen, Wendy James, Johnny, Paul and Kat. English language

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