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TRANISA Transvestite, Transformation & Male Feminization Fantasy Videos

Welcome to Tranisa. We produce the best story driven male to female, male feminisation, transsexual, transvestite, shemale, sissification & trangendered tranny videos available. With over 80 high class tranny productions already in our catalogue we continue to give you what you ask for. Why not have a look through Our Film List today.

TRANISA Quality Story Driven Transformation & Male Feminization Tranny Films

All of our tranny videos are professionally filmed and edited showing the tranformation of Men into Beautiful Women. We cast real transvestites and transsexuals, real locations and realistic film sets, together with all of the latest broadcast equipment available. Why not watch the free transgender movie trailers to see the quality of our productions.

We always want to know what transvestite fantasy stories you would like to see so please fill in our Questionnaire form and tell us.


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TRANISA TG Transgender Stories Finally on Video

Our tranny videos focus on classic transgendered fantasy stories of gender transformation. Including: sex role changing, shemale, sexchange, feminisation, sissy french maids, female domination, medical transformation, before & after transformations, sissification and crossdressing stories.

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All our Tranisa transvestite & transsexual videos are available as downloadable Windows Media Formatted Content and QuickTime video files. Once you have downloaded the films they are yours to keep.

TRANISA Girls Dressing Boys as Girls

The Tranisa films all feature men being dressed as girls, by girls. Our ladies delight in the transformation of males into females.

Specialist POV Feminization
From the makers of Tranisa.Com comes a new way to experience MALE FEMINIZATION sessions with the most delighful dominant women. Welcome to You WILL Dress. We produce the best POV cross dressing clips & the most humiliating male feminisation fantasy sessions with the hottest dominant ladies.
Poor Holly has a terrible dilemma, she loves her husband Keith but her lesbian desires have become so strong that she can no longer bear to be in bed with him. A mysterious visit to the very strange Madam Lazar concludes with Keith passing out and waking up as voluptuous young woman. The new Keith needs plenty of training and support to learn his new role as a feminine young lady.
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Tranny Bordello
George is a regular client at a high class brothel, he books his favourite girl but before the action can take place he asks her if he can pay next week as he is short of money. As he can't pay he is transformed into one of girls for one their clients who has unusual tastes.
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Bride For A Day
Satine catches her brother eyeing up and touching her wedding dress which is carefully laid out on her bed. Satine and Masie soon turn him into their a bride for the whole day. Fully transformed with the dress, makeup and wig Peter is indeed a 'Bride For A Day'
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